I love the way in which Stephen approaches coaching. His inside – out methodology has worked so well for me. The building up of my inner resilience has fast-tracked my confidence, thus increasing my efficacy and impact on the business. Stephen is a very safe pair of hands with years and years of experience, and I would recommend him very highly to anyone seeking out one to one coaching with very fast results.

Briony Turner | Co-President | Atlantic Records UK

Stephen’s great skill and experience as a coach has delivered profound benefits for me throughout the time I’ve worked with him. His style of coaching is empathetic yet challenging, he’s helped me grow my understanding of myself and those I work with, and given me techniques to achieve more and enjoy doing it. I’m very glad he has managed to distil some of his wisdom down into this book so that it can benefit more executives, managers and artists. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Ed Howard | Co-President | Atlantic Records UK

Stephen’s coaching has proved invaluable to me. He encouraged me in his inimitable way, to explore and find solutions for myself. In an ever increasingly challenging environment, my work with Stephen has allowed me to face these head on, and armed me both with the tools and with a strategic road map to aid me in navigating the future. I would highly recommended Stephen.

Will Bloomfield | Modest! Management

I found Stephen’s coaching programme to be very beneficial in my role as CEO of the FAC. Coaching was a new experience for me and Stephen made the process both positively challenging and enjoyable. It was helpful to download in complete confidence and explore the multitude of opportunities and challenges of my role. Stephen provided valuable feedback on my leadership style and supported me to develop clear plans that produced positive results. I’d happily recommend Stephen to anyone in the industry who wants to move forward to the next stage in their life and career.

David Martin | CEO | Featured Artists Coalition

‘I have long believed in the power of coaching and mentors, and in this book Stephen expertly outlines best practice for healthy and effective partnerships between artists and managers. I have seen great successes, and failures, in these complex relationships over the years and now, as an artist manager and advisor myself, I cannot recommend this book highly enough’

Mike Walsh | Mercury Prize Judge & Music Consultant

I can personally recommend Stephen as being exceptionally good at his job. It is not therapy, it is not counselling – Stephen is one of the most experienced business coaches in the UK specialising in the music industry. That aside he’s just a really good guy to know if you, your clients, artist managers and artists are in any need of professional or personal robustness building in an industry that can often melt people’s faces especially in this ‘online’ world where it is all too easy to take people down.”

Bernadette Barrett | Big Bear Artist Management

‘We found Stephen’s individual coaching and insights into how we can best support our artists to be very informative and stimulating. We would be happy to recommend Stephen to artist managers wanting to grow and develop themselves and their business.

Paul McDonald & Ryan Lofthouse | Artist Managers | Closer Artists

Stephen works in coaching at the very highest levels of the music and entertainment business. I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Stephen and found it useful to work with him to reflect on my business and plan for the future.

Dave Bianchi | CEO | Various Artists Management

I really enjoyed reading Stephen’s book – it’s well written, easy to follow and has a huge amount of wonderful information in it. I know it’ll be an invaluable tool for artist managers (I’m already planning a number of things to put into practice right away) and I think every manager should have a copy in due course.

Kerry Harvey-Piper | Artist Manager | Red Grape Music Ltd

“The sessions that I had with Stephen proved to be life changing for me. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their potential on a professional and personal level. I owe a lot to Stephen for everything that he taught me, and how it has improved every aspect of my life.”

Laura Sinclair | Head of PR | DawBell PR

“Engaging with Stephen as a coach over the last few months has been a brilliant experience. He would always remind me that I am the expert which is so empowering. Working closely with Stephen has given me the confidence I needed in such a difficult time over lockdown to keep me on track with my vision and stick to my values. His honesty and as he puts it ‘holding a mirror up’ is something I really respect and value and is such an important way for me to grow.”

Laura Leon | Artist Manager | LL Collective

“I’ve been captured by Stephen’s empathy, knowledge and capability of making you work hard and honestly on yourself. I wanted to improve my potential on both professional and personal level, as well as understand Sephen’s coaching approach and techniques and acquire new skills and frameworks to add to my Artist Management skill set. This journey has taught me valuable lessons and it’s been empowering.”

Francesca Riva | Artist Manager | ie:music

I am mid-way through sessions with Stephen and already seeing notable shifts in professional behaviours. Some of the realisations that have been drawn out by the coaching, whilst challenging to process, have affected incredibly positive adjustments to my working practice. 

Neil Simpson Treloar – Touchpaper Music