Coaching has been used in sports and business for over 30 years as a game changing performance development tool.

We feel the music industry to date has not yet taken full advantage of the coaching opportunity and the multiple benefits it brings, and want to share with you our experience and expertise.


Each person’s number one success tool is themselves. Our world-class individual coaching builds inner resilience and self-awareness, enabling behavioural change and growth and the achievement of personal and organisational goals. 

There is a big difference between coaching and therapy. Please refer to the ‘Benefits of Coaching & Therapy Comparison Table’ on this page for further details.


Benefits for the organisation include:

  • Your success depends on the performance of your people or artists
  • Coaching is a conscious process of helping them to learn and grow
  • Coaching is essential if people are to improve their performance
  • Coaching works and the results can be identified
  • Coaching is an investment and a long-term strategy for success
  • The better people understand and can perform activities the more they enjoy them
  • Personal coaching is a positive affirmation that your people are worth your time and trouble

Benefits for the individual include:

  • Increased performance through greater psychological wellbeing, confidence and focus
  • Understand how to build and grow better relationships with those around you
  • Improve your career strategy, decision making, time management and target setting
  • Manage stress or recover from burnout
  • A confidential space to offload, process and explore your challenges and opportunities
  • An opportunity to be stretched and grow
  • Handle social media, fame and
    music industry specific pressures



Clinical tools for illness

Focus is the past and today

Style can be as slow and as deep as necessary

Usually requires long term commitment

Main outcome is understanding

Meeting 50 minutes weekly

Focus on difficulties

It’s about overcoming illness

Sadly, Still some resistance to having ‘therapy’

Can be emotionally taxing or ‘heavy’


A performance and wellbeing tool linked to life and career goals

Fecus is today and the future

Can be a mix of challenge and support

Generally short term or a limited number of sessions

Main outcome is improved performance

Meeting is tailored to the individual client

Focus on tools and techniques for success

It’s about learning to thrive

‘Coaching’ is familiar i.e. dance coaching, voice coaching

Designed to be empowering and uplifting


Team coaching is focused on coaching a team to achieve a common goal and enables increased individual performance, team collaboration and improved results.

Team coaching leads to growth, behaviour change and increased awareness of how the team functions. This awareness is the key to the team taking ownership and responsibility for team functioning, improved performance, and the achievement of stretch goals.


Busy senior executive teams under pressure to achieve ambitious targets and timetables inevitably focus on tasks rather than process in their agenda-driven executive meetings.

Process consulting enables and encourages teams to focus on how they function, particularly around decision-making and problem-solving. Our experienced process consultant will observe the team in action and share what he notices, including the boundaries between people, what he feels and thinks in response to the team’s functioning, and identify themes and patterns for which there is energy.

This process of holding up the mirror is a powerful experience for boards and senior teams, leading to increased collaboration, team functioning and enhanced performance.