Wellness Services

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Music Industry Wellness Services

MiC works with tried and trusted partners to provide a concierge service that enables access to a comprehensive range of wellness services relevant to music artists at each stage of their career and also to the wider industry. Contact enquiries@musicindustrycoaching.com to discuss your specific needs.

· Addiction – access to specialist consultant psychologists providing one-to-one treatment for a whole range of substance and behavioural addictions

· Anxiety– coaching, therapy, podcasts, workshops, training.

· Burnout – specific 1:1 coaching and the development of a specific recovery plan.

· Bespoke solutions – we are able to support you to identify the best response to your specific need and then connect you with the best solution provider.

· Coaching – access to MiC music industry specialist coaches.

· Consultants – access to MiC recommended music industry consultants

· Coronavirus – the latest information, podcasts, fact sheets, how to work from home.

· Counselling – access to music industry experienced counsellors.

· Emotional Resilience – coaching, training, workshops.

· GIFs – on a range of topics including spotting stress, to share on social media.

· Health checks – including body composition analysis.

· Health and Nutrition – workshops, videos, fact sheets.

· Help Musicians UK – connection to a range of support services for music artists from the largest music industry charity including telephone helpline, coronavirus financial support, creative development funding, hearing health.

· Imposter Syndrome – specific coaching to minimise the impact.

· Massage and Reflexology-access to holistic treatments from trained experts.

· Meditation – workshops and 1:1 coaching.

· Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – training, podcasts, resources, research accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

· Motivation – coaching, podcasts, workshops.

· Music Artist and Performers support – coaching, therapy, workshops, bespoke solutions.

· On boarding coaching – supporting artists when they sign to a label or distribution partner.

· Media support – in house support from MiC and our music PR partner

· Personal development– 1:1 coaching, access to resources and training.

· Performance Support – coaching and training for performance nerves and support.

· Personal training – access to highly qualified and experienced PTs.

· Podcasts – access to a range of podcasts on multiple wellbeing topics.

· Resources – videos, podcasts, posters, pdfs, toolkits, social media graphics.

· Retreats – time out to recharge and focus on physical health and mental wellbeing.

· Social Media – training, coaching and support on how best to manage and thrive.

· Stress – individual coaching, training, workshops, podcasts.

· Telephone helpline – see Help Musicians UK.

· Therapy – access to therapists with music industry client experience.

· Touring stress – workshop and coaching on surviving and thriving on tour and with anti-social hours.

· Videos – see MHFA for a range of videos on Mental Health wellness.

· Workplace wellbeing – coaching, training and workshops.

· Workshops – on a range of Mental wellness topics.

· Yoga – training and 1:1 coaching from qualified instructors