Onboarding Coaching for Music artists

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Onboarding Coaching for Music artists

Successful onboarding recognises the impact of change on the artist and the tendency for a natural dip in mood following the initial excitement. It also recognises the need for effective contracting, not just the commercial elements, but also the softer, process elements, i.e. how to manage disagreements, ensuring aligned attitudes ( work ethic, honouring commitments etc) and a collective desire to move forward. Finally, it is designed to set the artist up for success and this includes building their personal resilience in meeting the inevitable pressures that will arise as their careers take off.

An initial three confidential, 2 hour bespoke coaching sessions delivered by Stephen Daltrey, MiC Founder, over the first 90 days could be provided to new music artists enabling them to thrive and enjoy success.


· Ensure the artist is up and running as quickly and effectively as possible

· Achieve clarity in the contracting process, particularly around expectations, with an awareness of their responsibilities within it

· Utilising the support of coaching to process the change they are experiencing and manage any dips in motivation or challenges

· Increased resilience to external pressures by gaining a wider perspective and a greater ability to deal with stress

· Potentially become more aware of the impact of their personal history on their future career and develop tools and strategies to successfully move forward.

· Become a better performer through greater confidence and focus

· Greater self-awareness and ownership of personal responsibility

· A greater connection to themselves and their natural artistic creative output

· Powerful tools and techniques for dealing with numerous challenges, success and fame

· Understand how to build/grow better relationships with those around them, including listening.

· Better career strategy, decision making, time management and target setting

· A confidential space to offload, process and explore their stresses/challenges

· Gain new perspectives on their environment, industry, genre and level of personal preparedness for the journey ahead.

· Protect the financial investment in the artist

Benefits to the artist’s team

· A more positive, productive, happier and focused artist to connect to and work with

· A better performing artist as detailed above

· Less stress in the relationship

· Establishing commitment to achieving shared goals

· Stronger foundation of mutual trust

· Develop a reputation for investing in and caring for their artists’ welfare and success

· Increased quality of output from the artist

· Higher revenues and profitability